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    How to win? Three basic skills of Quanwei customized brand
    2019-10-21 09:36:50


    Because most of the custom-owned enterprises have insufficient understanding of brand and marketing, and lack a complete brand strategy development plan, although they have brands, the basic skills of the brand are not solid enough. To do a good job in the basic skills of the brand, we must first improve the three major deficiencies that currently exist in the industry.

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    Not paying enough attention to strategic planning
    In the process of performing brand marketing, most full-service custom companies pay great attention to tactics, such as brochures, product catalogues, price stickers, display stands, image walls, terminal image showrooms, etc., while ignoring the importance of strategy. What is a brand strategy?
    The essence of brand strategy is to shape the core expertise of the company to ensure the long-term development of the company. The brand strategy includes six aspects: branding decision-making, brand model selection, brand recognition definition, brand extension planning, brand management planning and brand vision setting. Brand strategy is the key to brand development and is the guarantee to ensure the brand's success and long-term sustainable development.
    Outdated marketing tools
    Many companies now have professional marketing teams, but most of the marketing team exists for one purpose: sales, it seems that the entire responsibility of the marketing department is sales. Although the purpose of marketing is sales, we can distinguish it from the name. "Marketing" is not the same thing as "sales". In fact, marketing is an organizational function and process that companies create, deliver, communicate with customers, and operate customer relationships to benefit organizations and stakeholders. Marketing includes the two components of “battalion” and “sales”. At present, most of the companies are only implementing the latter. The marketing method adopted is also the old “hole marketing” method, which is characterized by:
    1. Put marketing and sales in the same position;
    2. Emphasis on fighting for customers rather than taking care of customers;
    3. Try to make a profit on each transaction rather than on the “customer lifetime value”;
    4. Consider each communication channel separately, rather than considering marketing communication channels as a whole;
    5, do not try to understand the actual needs of customers, only want to sell products.
    It is this kind of misunderstanding that makes many Quanwei custom enterprises do good sales at the initial stage, but they encounter bottlenecks when the brand needs further development, and cannot get a quick upgrade.
    In order to achieve great development, the company must change its thinking and truly recognize the importance of marketing. For a brand enterprise, marketing should not be just a department or a stage, but the whole company should be a marketing organization, whether it is the administrative department, the product research and development department, or the sales and service department. Think and execute from the perspective of the consumer. Only in this way, the brand can gain the favor and trust of consumers in the market.
    In actual operation, enterprises can hire professional institutions as the external brain, and gradually improve their marketing capabilities and marketing ideas through a set of comprehensive tools of professional institutions.
    Lack of clear positioning for the brand
    In the Quanwei custom industry, when it comes to brand planning and positioning, almost no exceptions are made to the mid-to-high-end market, and they all promote how their products are of high quality and how low prices are. Competitive advantage. In fact, after entering the market, it can be said that there is no advantage, except that there is no other way to price war.
    The key to this problem lies in the lack of clear positioning of the brand and the lack of overall planning. Brand positioning is based on the market positioning and product positioning of the enterprise. The business decision of the brand in terms of cultural orientation and individuality must be clear and unique, so as to form the differentiation of the brand.
    (Article source: China Building Materials Network, invasion)

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