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    Self media marketing is the focus of the whole bathroom enterprise
    2019-10-21 17:57:11

    With the development of the Internet, consumers have grasped the initiative to obtain information, and more and more channels for obtaining information. They rely on the Internet and rely on mobile phones to actively select and filter information. Therefore, for the whole bathroom enterprise, how to make good use of the Internet and use the self-media platform such as WeChat, Weibo, and e-commerce to carry out marketing is the focus of the whole bathroom enterprise.



    Integrated bathroom enterprise wading online platform
    As we all know, online promotion has a fast spread, a wide range, and low input costs. More and more whole-bathroom companies have begun to join hands with e-commerce platforms to launch online promotions in various forms. In the detailed e-commerce war, the most familiar one is “Double Eleven”. The simple “Single Day” has become the “Online Shopping Festival” for the whole people, and even extends to offline stores. From "Double Eleven", "Double Twelve" and "Double Eggs" to the current "year-end promotion", many e-commerce companies have also played the banner of "Chinese New Year does not fight".
    Weibo interaction is favored by enterprises

    It is true that e-commerce is still a long-term business transaction, and the promotion is not the same as offline activities. Since 2011, most of the whole bathroom companies are no longer limited to offline promotional materials promotion and online one-way publicity, but to the interactive microblogging. Weibo has won the favor of the majority of sanitary ware enterprises with its unique and strong communication. The official microblog of enterprises is more and more common, and product promotion is everywhere.
    WeChat becomes the new battlefield of the whole bathroom enterprise
    Nowadays, WeChat marketing has become more and more mature, and it has gradually become a “place of competition” for the whole bathroom enterprise. Compared with Weibo, WeChat is more like a double-edged sword. WeChat marketing is essentially “permitted”, and dialogue can only be started after receiving the attention of users. This kind of interactive mode, consumers take the initiative to close the communication with the whole bathroom brand at any time. If the whole bathroom WeChat platform frequently pushes worthless information, it is extremely easy to cause customers to resent and lose the potential market.
    The whole bathroom company should be customer-centric
    Some media have made it clear that "providing value, not attracting attention, is the attitude of WeChat and the key to its success." The overall bathroom company WeChat public account message push should maintain the appropriate frequency, the content should focus on customer focus. It turns out that the higher the relevance of the overall bathroom business information to the customer's life, the greater the adhesion of the account to the customer.
    The overall bathroom online platform can not be ignored, for many whole bathroom enterprises, this is still an unknown field. In practice, the whole bathroom enterprise can not be rushed. Whether it is e-commerce or micro-marketing, it is a product of the Internet era. It is still in the take-off stage, and the whole bathroom enterprise needs to be taken seriously.
    In short, in this era of media, companies must pay attention to each consumer and treat each customer and potential customers. Enterprises must return to the fundamentals, to make excellent products, rely on hardcore fans, rely on users to influence users, rely on stories to impress users, rely on services to maintain customers, to be truly legendary: to customers as a center!


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